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We help you go Digital and Visual with Apps, Pipelines, 3D, VR, Augmented and Mixed Reality
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             We saw the potential of Apple Vision Pro early on and 4D Pipeline helped accelerate our development for launch. 4D Pipeline has deep expertise in spatial computing and immersive reality; together we forged a new path to capitalize on this breakthrough technology.


Nathan Henderson

Chairman & CEO

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             We have a longstanding partnership with the 4D Pipeline team. Their expertise has been invaluable in establishing an automated pipeline from CAD to Unreal Engine, considering the intricacies of the bill of materials and the necessary geometry/material separation for our configurator use case. What truly stands out is their professionalism, proactive approach, and problem-solving mindset. I wholeheartedly recommend 4D Pipeline and look forward to continuing our collaboration on innovative and tailored development solutions.


Lorenz Schweiger

Head of Automotive Visualization Platform (AVP)

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              4D Pipeline is an excellent team. I have worked with this team over many projects, both directly for my company and for companies I have introduced them to.

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Doug Wolff

UE Business Director, Automotive

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               4D Pipeline has been a great partner for many years. They have great technical and industry knowledge that they bring to each engagement. I've really enjoyed working with them.

Mark Kurt.jpeg

Mark Kurt

CTO, TurboSquid,

VP of Engineering, Shutterstock

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             4D Pipeline’s highest priority is ensuring client success, and it’s been a pleasure to work with a team that genuinely cares about our business. They have been incredibly responsive and agile with regards to any requests or queries that we’ve had. I highly recommend 4D Pipeline for their exceptional development services. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them for future projects.


Paul Sells

Executive Advisor for
Strategy and Technology

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             4D Pipeline was greatly helpful to create a functional and graphically outstanding product for our client for industrial compressors. The team has been fast, responsive and knowledgeable on any technical issues that arose - big thanks!

Patrick Ramsauer Sekai Digital Twins.jpeg

Patrick Ramsauer


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             Had a really good experience working with 4D pipeline, highly knowledgeable and professional team. On time, transparent and very supportive. Really looking forward to further projects together.

Elsa Gullberg.jpg

Elsa Gullberg

3D Technical Designer

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             4D was a great partner to work with, the team provided by them did always know what is the best and quickest way to get things delivered, and surprisingly with zero bugs.  I wish the company and the team all the very best and request them to keep the spirit up!!!.

Somnath Sinha.jpg

Somnath Sinha

Sr. Manager, Cyber Security

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             Very professional consulting team able to build and adapt amazing cutting-edge solutions based on very different requirements.

Thomas Orenz.jpg

Thomas Orenz

Director, Interactive Digital Marketing

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             4D Pipeline is a great partner that helped us to build something that was just not available on the market before. Within our projects we see them working with us in a very pro-active manner to build solutions we are happy with.
The team is highly skilled and specialized to cope with those 3d real-time pipeline challenges we were facing.

Jan Bodenstein.jpg

Jan Bodenstein

Technical 3D Specialist

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              4D Pipeline is an excellent team. I have worked with this team over many projects, both directly for my company and for companies I have introduced them to.

Brian Totty.jpg

Brian Totty


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                I have known 4Dpipeline for over 4 years now, and they always have been up-to the standards promised. Always hit the promised timeline and the project scope. And most importantly they source the top notch people to do deliver high-end tech development. Highly recommended!

Bhargava Ram Kummamuru.jpg

Bhargava Kummamuru

Product Designer, Digitized Design Components

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             4D Pipeline is a solid partner, consistently delivering products that our users love. Through an agile yet planned approach they deliver game changing 3D technologies while continually adapting solutions to feedback. They’ve been a great asset in developing our product pipeline and I can highly recommend working with them.


Sky Asay

Director of Design


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              4D Pipeline has proven to be a trusted strategic partner for Vans and VF during the past 6 years, consistently delivering superior solutions to our challenges and keeping us connected with the latest developments in the field of visualization. They have their finger on the pulse of technology and are a prime resource if you need to quickly prototype concepts or build out engaging consumer experiences.


Safir Bellali

Snr Director
Advanced Digital Creation

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              4D Pipeline is an excellent partner for Unreal Engine development. They have helped us deliver extremely successful outcomes for many customers. Including AUDI and other confidential ones. Epic Games has been so impressed with their customer output, we have contracted 4D Pipeline to contribute directly to the UE toolset, specifically around Datasmith.

simon jones.jpg

Simon Jones

Director Unreal
Engine  Enterprise

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             4D Pipeline has helped provide critical input into our product definition and design and has been key to the development of a valuable Minimum Viable Product (MVP).  I can wholeheartedly recommend the 4D Pipeline team as an efficient agile partner who can get the job done.

Matt Wisdom.jpg

Matt Wisdom


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              4D Pipeline knows all about the latest and greatest with AR and VR. The team always gets things done - even under severe time and cost pressure. Furthermore they are fun to work with. Talk to them when you need tailor-made cutting-edge solutions!

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Dr. Mark Leach

Global Head of Aftersales BMW Group

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              Working in a very lively and innovative environment, we need a partner who is able to provide deep support even for very complex and new topics. The 4D Pipeline team has extensive know-how and is always a reliable and valued resource for the realization of our projects.


Jan Pflueger

Augmented & Virtual Reality

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             The knowledge and expertise that 4D Pipeline provided to our company was invaluable. They took a complex issue, and made it work, and ensured the integration to our product was successful. We achieved dramatic visual speed and performance gains enhancing our client user experience. Thank you 4D team!

Herold Orlinsky.png

Harold Orlinsky


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             Tyler, Jed, and the entire 4D Pipeline team have been an outstanding long-term development partner for us. They’ve provided fantastic insight, help and productivity throughout our product pipeline, especially on product development. I can highly recommend them for being extremely flexible and committed to delivering.

david randle.jpg

David Randle


Strategy & Innovation

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             The 4D Pipeline is excellent to work with; they have played a key role with our projects and have done some amazing development work. In addition, Jed and Tyler have an excellent sense of business development and an entrepreneurial spirit, they know how to get get innovation done and help make things happen. I'd give you 10 stars!

Christian Ehl.jpg

Christian Ehl


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             Nothing but positive experiences on the multiple projects I've worked on with 4D Pipeline. Amazing work, amazing quality. Always a pleasure.

rick blacker.jpg

Rick Blacker

Software Manager

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             It was great to work with 4D Pipeline, the team is always on track and delivers high quality code!

Philip Ehl.jpg

Philip Ehl

Digital Project Consultant

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             We’ve had great experiences working with them and can highly recommend their 3D development services.

Kent Barber Greyscalegorilla.jpeg

Kent Barber

Head of Development

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             Nextspace have used 4D pipeline for specialist Epic Unreal work and consulting. They have a great team of professionals that really know their stuff and deliver. Always a pleasure to work with.

Mark CEO Nextspace.jpeg

Mark Thomas


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             Great Job!


Joerg Schoeffel

Sr. Manager,
Enterprise Architecture

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             Great team which delivered high quality code.
Also the project management was spot on. I would highly recommend them.

Gerhard Lang.jpg

Gerhard Lang


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             Working with 4D Pipeline is great. They provide outstanding quality, focus on timely delivery, communicate openly and fast, follow specifications exactly, and work independently. I can strongly recommend them.


Pascal Mueller


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             4D Pipeline is the super glue of the 3D industry landscape - incredible connectors, proven across industries and applications, and totally reliable on projects. They played an important role in helping scale my company and continue to be trusted advisors.

Matt Connors.jpg

Matt Connors


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             Awesome team and 1st class work!


Oliver Muhr


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             Over the years, I have had the opportunity to hire Jed, Tyler, and the 4D
Pipeline team for several projects. They have always delivered on time, on
budget, and with VERY high quality.
4D Pipeline is not just a consulting
company, they are a trusted partner for any project.


Randi Rost

Product Strategist

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