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Our Team

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Tyler Worden
Christoph Groenegress
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Julia Cordray
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We Know
Product Kung Fu

We’re a team of thinkers, doers, and product kung fu experts. Together, we find a way, we make it happen, and we always get the job done right. 
  • We work integrated, with you, and involve the best cross skilled team to solve your needs.
  • Quality over quantity – we employ a world-class interdisciplinary team of 25+ product experts (UX, PM, Dev). All of our team are seasoned professionals who are brilliant at what they do.
  • Agile approach to Minimum Viable Product and Minimum Loveable Product!
  • The Minimum Viable Product process helps keep costs down and takes an 'aim and steer' approach for the best possible product outcome and experience.  Together with great design we can make sure each step is done with a user experience that makes people smile.


Our Team of Product Kung Fu Experts

We are different in that we will help you build a great digital product experience that not only excites you, but excites your customers as well. We will help you create a product experience that has a clear vision and true staying power – one which people download, share, and happily spend money on. We'll work closely together with you and provide you with honest feedback and solid expertise to ensure that your product is not only built right but also built to last and able to scale with your growth. We'll ensure you avoid pitfalls and save time by focusing on what matters the most.


Agile Product Kung Fu is all about adapting, finding the alternative path, fighting the smart fight, and making the winning decisions. 

Do you know Product Kung Fu?

​"Be like water, my friend" - Bruce Lee.
When it comes to our team, we have one simple rule we follow, Great Team = Great Experience.
We therefore employ not simply the best but the best of the best.
Do you know Product Kung Fu? Want a great team to work with? Awesome customers? On game changing products and digital experiences? Then see our Job page and contact us!
We are always looking for outstanding Product Managers, Development and Project Managers, UX and UI Designers, 3D software engineers, Unity and Unreal developers, web developers, and more. 
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