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We Make Ideas and
Products Successful

We give you focus, we help you see your landscape, we help you find a predictable road towards making money. 
We employ a worldwide interdisciplinary team of product managers, designers and software developers that work together to quickly develop prototypes and then MVPs.
The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) process helps keep costs down and takes an aim-and-steer approach for the best possible product outcome and experience. 
On time, on-budget, great results. You own all the IP.  


Transparency Always

We provide you clear transparency on everything we do, this includes a clean up-to-date scrumboard, weekly meetings, and weekly reports showing where every hour is spent. We not only keep you well informed about the progress we’re making but also along the way share with you vital information to make the best-informed decisions so that your product has a lucrative, successful launch.

Product Strategy

Reimagine your Product Strategy

Define | Deploy

Meaningful growth requires more than good ideas.
We help leaders increase sales with business models that just work.

Our team provides consultancy services to company CEOs, executives, and senior management on product strategy, business models, and product development.


We have a repeatable and proven process to help you focus on the most valuable, achievable, useful goal.


We also regularly help investors with due diligence and growth opportunities for their investments.


Specialist services include:

  • On-tap product management services

  • Fresh insights and innovation into market, targets, and value proposition

  • Forming, analyzing, and creating compelling easy to understand business plans that just work

  • Market analysis and sizing

  • Competition insights

  • SWOT/TOWS/strategy

  • Product, pricing, placement, promotion

  • Minimum Viable Product thinking

  • Audit & improvement of current processes

  • Technology recommendations



  • Cloud & Mobile App Strategy

  • Formulating High Growth Business Models

Innovate and Do More

Some people have described us as an "Incubator with Developers". We don't just drop you a bunch of research, we are pragmatic in our work and provide clear actionable steps to improve your business.


We don’t just show you to the destination we take you and your team along with us.


Digital Pipelines

Innovation in a Digital World

Build a faster, better, more productive company with an innovative digital pipeline.
An evermore connected world means businesses have to stay several steps ahead, both of end users and competitors. They have to innovate in order to anticipate desirable products and services. They have to anticipate moves in technology and trends. Nothing is left to chance in a world where responsiveness is everything.

4D Pipeline helps organizations unify these elements and translate them from the physical into the digital reality to create new customer experiences that are both familiar and surprising. We combine business strategy with into specific digital innovation goals, roadmaps, technology, apps, and a clear well thought out digital pipeline.



You Will



Workshops That Make Things Happen


“Jed provided the perfect workshop for our SCIA management team, he helped us work through important strategies around cloud, mobile, and alternative business models. His approach is pragmatic and practical and I can wholeheartedly recommend his and the 4D Pipeline teams Services.”

Herman Oogink, CTO - Nemetschek Scia

Our workshops, methodologies, and practices allow us to confidently and collaboratively solve your complex business challenges.


We take you through the Define process to help you refresh your business strategy. Understand and focus on your best target market, the size and value of this market, your value offering for them, how to best reach them, and more.


We’ll take you through a process and a series of structured exercises to solve problems and reveal new perspectives and opportunities for your business.

Agile Development

Design | Develop

We Code Poetry &
Make Beautiful Apps

Our team of world-class developers is proven to deliver quality software on time, on budget, with outstanding results.

Agile Software Design and Development:

  • Quickly identify, evaluate, and test product ideas (rapid design and prototyping)

  • Efficiently build software (rapid development)

  • Audit, fix, or improve your product pipeline

  • Product design and development

  • SCRUM and Agile MVP approach

Whatever your App – design a beautiful User Experience that people just love.

Our awesome design team will help you understand your users and create an experience that shines. 

  • Wireframes

  • Prototyping

  • User personas

  • Empathy maps

  • User scenario understandings

  • Customer journey map

Our Toolbox

We speak your language

  • Windows & Mac OSX

  • C++

  • C# / .net, Mono

  • QT

  • Java

  • Python, Scripting

Desktop Development
  • Microsoft Hololens

  • Virtual Reality Solutions, Oculus VR, Vive, Google Cardboard, Samsung VR, and more

  • OpenGL & DirectX & 3D engines

  • WebGL

  • Unity3D, Unreal

  • Raytracing, Shaders, CUDA, Iray, and more

  • 3D, CAD, DCC Plugins and file format support, including 3dsMax, Maya, XSI, Cinema4D, Rhino, Revit, Sketchup, ArchiCAD, Solidworks, Catia, NX, Creo

  • Augmented Reality SDKs – Vuforia, Total Immersion D’Fusion, Metaio, AR Toolworks, 4D, and more

  • Touchscreens and more

  • Full stack Javascript & JS Frameworks

  • HTML5, CSS

  • AngularJS, ionic, bootstrap, MEAN, and more

  • JQuery, AJAX

  • Django, Python

  • Ruby on Rails

  • React.JS

  • Node.JS

  • WebGL

  • PHP

  • SQL databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL, and more)

  • NoSQL databases (MongoDB, and more)

  • Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google GWT, and more

  • Cloud Computing

  • iOS, Android, Windows Mobile

  • Objective C

  • Swift

  • Java

  • HTML5 & full stack Javascript

  • Unity 3D, Unreal

3D, CAD, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, WebGL Development
Web & Cloud Development
Mobile App Development
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